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Oswego City Library The question has been asked, "Why are our taxes so high for the Public Library"?Take a few minutes to stop in there sometime and you will quickly find out. The workers all sit around the desk area and talk, quite loudly, disturbing those who come there for a quiet place to read or do research.January 10-11/18 The Oswego School Board What a bunch of pin heads , how come the taxpayers of the school district ( oswego ) were not told of the thought of school expansion ?

Boy, Talk About Greed Act The Taxpayers Pocketbook !Every one of them hand picked and checked to make sure that they'll tote the party line.I know that theirs a couple of Dems on their but they'll cheerfully do what their told to do just like the Dem that didn't seek reelection.It is unlike any library I have ever visited in any city around the country.(pm ET/PT on CTV in Canada) - PROMO ***Click HERE to watch promos, previews, interviews featuring Shania and clips from tonight's show.

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