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After that I delved into a whole basketful of the Lone Ranger. Pardon me while I don my parka for a trip to check up on the whereabouts of Sergeant Preston's horse Rex and his wonder dog Yukon King--fastest and strongest lead dog of the Northwest.Thanks again for opening up a retroworld of adventure, drama, mystery and fantasy among other treasures. Read more comments about our OTR club, sent in by members. We sell no products and do NOT mass email our club members with spam or junk mail.If your email server or email software uses any kind of a spam filter, it may mistake my email for spam and block it or put it in your junk mail folder.You can check your junk mail folder in your email program or use our "quick and easy" support ticket system to always get through to me if you need to. I will do everything possible to get you your membership as quickly as possible. We get thousands of visitors each month coming to listen to and download our shows.You will be given your username and password to the Members area immediately after making your donation.You will also receive a downloadable membership certificate, suitable for printing (located in the club members area) when you join.

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Your username and password will be sent to the address that Paypal has on file for you. Also: After you make your donation, you'll be taken directly to a page that has your username and password on it.

Go to the "Club Members Area" if you are a club member and would like to listen to or download OTR shows. We think it's especially important to get young people interested.

All of our shows are in standard mp3 format and may be listened to online or downloaded to your computer to listen to later or put on your mp3 player. If you'd like to join our Old Time Radio Club, see the details further down this page. I'd hate to see something this wonderful just fade away. Everyone who supports our efforts with a donation will receive a lifetime membership in our OTR Club and receive access to our Club Members area.

Don't close the page until you have printed it or written down the information.

Also, I will email you the login information as I check my e-mail through out the day.

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