Adult dating danville ohio

I really don't expect much going in, it's just a place to sleep and get ready in the morning. When I was changing in the morning, a bug crawled on my foot!Now here is me being picky, so up to you to take these things into consideration.This had been going on for awhile as the tub was stained brown from the rust in the dripping water.When I finally got the room cooled down so it wasn't so humid and I turned down the sheets I found black marks on the sheets that appeared to be something like tar.I was very disappointed and disgusted by the entire experience. Develop expertise, confidence, and a strong work ethic, so you can find a job doing what you love. Not comparable to the last three Motel 6 establishments I've stayed at. There was dead bugs on the wall that looked like someone used their shoe to This was the worst hotel experience in my life. There was only one towel and two wash cloths but that's not the worse part.

I can guarantee you that I will never, ever stop at this Motel 6 again. The only thing nice about this places, well two things, the towel holder that holds the used to be white towels, no shower for this girl, and the other nice thing was the girl working the front counter! They put some laminated wood flooring in I think to try & make it look nice, but it was putting lipstick on a pig! Oh and the paint job looked like someone did it with their fingers. The toilet wouldn't stop making random noises throughout the night. You know how their slogan was, we'll leave the light on for ya, well, half the lights didn't work in our room. Asked for a No Smoking room but had two ashtrays in room. There was dead bugs on the wall that looked like someone used their shoe to kill. There was black stuff in the tub that I never did identify.Also, the building next to the motel was very burned down.Looks like it was a nice place with the statues in front and such, but the burned building next to this place was the cherry on top!

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