Dating 1965s

TRY THIS SIMPLE TEST to demonstrate the extra power you can get by riding in the crouch position with drop bars; Sit erect in a straight chair with both feet flat on the floor on in front of you in normal position.

Press down with your feet and note the limited force you can exert.

You don't need a caddy or a country club, a swimming pool, tennis courts, a schedule or an appointment- and you don't even have to keep score! You can use up to 400 calories an our riding a bike!

Schwinn's 1965 models, like the new cars, offer many improvements over earlier years- not in engineering and performance alone but also in the wider of models and fine equipment to suit any need.

Flamboyant lime radiant coppertone, sky blue or violet. A handsome new model with popular lightweight styling.Everything the sports rider wants for thrilling performance in a fine quality road bike.10-speed Light strong hand-brazed frame of chrome molybdenum steel alloy, 10-speed Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, 27" x 1 1/4 road tires. 10-speed A high performance road bike with excellent quality sports equipment.Schwinn diamond type frame, Sprint derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, quick release hubs, quick release center-pull brakes, Schwinn light weight tubular rims, 27" x 1 1/4 high pressure road tires. The most popular 10-speed model in the schwinn line.Sprint 10-speed derailleur, 38 to 96 gear, 27" x 1 1/4" sports touring tires, sturdy Schwinn tubular rims, sports style drop handlebars and saddle, and large flange Sprint hubs.

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