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A controversial law firm has been accused of ambulance-chasing survivors of the Grenfell Tower tragedy.Leigh Day has reportedly suspended two paralegals after they allegedly touted for business among survivors of the blaze.This means that the separate costs can be identified far more easily and clearly displayed.When drawing up a financial settlement following divorce, the courts will take a long hard look at each spouse’s future earning capacity and may set this against their needs for financial support – ie maintenance – both before and after retirement.A criminal investigation has been opened by authorities.The North Kensington Law Centre, which is reportedly helping more than 100 survivors, told The Times: ‘We heard quite a lot of reports of ambulance-chasing in the aftermath of the fire.

Details on the posters also reportedly claimed that they would contact embassies and draft letters for survivors in need of legal assistance.The firm has begun an internal investigation after The Times reported that two members of staff had put posters up at the scene, advertising their services.Bosses at the company, which championed claims by civilians of mistreatment at the hands of British troops during the Iraq conflict, said they were completely unaware of the alleged activity.Your solicitors should be able to provide budgetary advice, but if not, our worksheet could be a useful starting point.If you have more than one child, car or property, a separate budget can be prepared for each if necessary.

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