Holi pichkari online dating

It is the festival of lots of fun and frolic activities which bind people at one place.

Everyone has a big smile on their face and wear new clothes to show their happiness.

There are various remnants related to the holi celebration has been found on the ancient Indian temples walls.

There are existing varieties of medieval paintings of 16 century in the Ahmednagar paintings and Mewar paintings which represents the holi celebrations during ancient time.

Holi Festival As the Holi festival celebration in India brings a lot of happiness, joy and colors to everyone’s life to make the life of people colorful, it is commonly called as the “Festival of Colors”.

As it brings the unity and love among people, it is also called as the “Festival of Love”.

There are many historical significance and legends (in the Puranic story of India) of celebrating the holi festival.

People celebrate first day of the holi (known as full moon day or Holi Purnima) by showering colored powder on other members of the home.This process is done to commemorate the ancient history of Holika and Prahlad in myth of triumph of goodness over badness.Third day festival is called by the name “Parva” means last day of the festival during which people come out of their home, hug each other, apply colored powder on the forehead, play color, dance, sings, meet each other, eat delicious recipes and so many activities.They use water guns and balloons to play holi in the open street, parks and buildings.Some musical instruments are used to sing songs and dance.

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