Japan online dating site

A bustling city of 13 million can make one feel completely alone sometimes… After all, there are 13 million people that you can meet and befriend. Where travelers and locals can connect effortlessly in Japan through an SNS platform.

Although making social connections in a megacity is easier said than done, with these 4 apps, it’s never been so easy to get the ball rolling—it’d be a shame not to make friends in Tokyo! (Well, almost effortlessly—you’ll need an Internet connection.

Although at times you may feel lonely, with a city this big you are bound to find many of the types of people you feel comfortable hanging out with.

Finding Tokyo friends may require some effort, persistence and patience though, so keep your chin up.

While you could always ask your usual friends to participate in your hobbies, wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to feel like you were dragging them along?

Although your answers are displayed publicly to your matches unless specified otherwise, it’s important to be honest.Ok Cupid might be a better match for you if you’re a fan of statistics and algorithms rather than chance.True to their slogan, “We work our algorithm magic to find people you’ll actually like”, Ok Cupid’s match making is all based on numbers. As you answer more and more questions, the accuracy of your matches increases.If you don’t have one, consider renting a Pocket Wi Fi from Sakura Mobile.) If you want to connect with travelers passing through your city, just register as a local.You’ll get to be a tour guide, a resident expert and, most of all, a local friend.

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