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The decision to re-air the episode is truly callous,' the letter read.'The episode sends a message that ABC does not consider people living with mental illness to truly be part of its modern family or vision.It is a profound disappointment that a show that has been applauded for inclusivity now chooses to dismiss concerns from part of the disability community.'Mental illness is not a joke. Surgeon General and three presidential administrations have identified the stigma associated with mental illness as a very real public health problem.

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Is it any wonder that employers are reluctant to hire persons with mental illnesses, because of untrue perceptions fostered by shows such as yours?

A letter sent to ABC Entertainment's president by Mary Giliberti, the executive director of the National Alliance on Mental Illness earlier this month slammed the controversial episode - which first aired in October last year and was rebroadcast on Wednesday night - stating that it 'greatly alarmed the mental health community'.

But while the mental health organizations behind the letter called for the episode to be pulled from ABC's broadcasting schedule, their pleas fell on deaf ears, and the network aired the episode as planned on Wednesday.

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