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Psychotria mayana DISTRIBUTIONAL RECORDS AND OTHER NOTEWORTHY COLLECTIONS APOCYNACEAE Rauvolfia moluccana Markgraf; coll. Hendrian and Middleton (197) cite ARACEAE Alocasia lancifolia Engl.; colls. A common aroid species, but not previously recorded for Madang Province (Hay & Wise 192). Psychotric dipteropoda had not been seen t it r 1 itm n til it icdiscovery during ihe TNC surveys.

Drupes globose or obovoid, 9-10 x 8-9 mm, sub- sessile, nitid green, opaquely white when ripe, exocarp glabrescent but with lax hairs persisting at the apex and has ^\ ,-■- u I pi bur, it- 'S 2, equal or not, planoconvex,iacking dorsal nee, w I | mi ibi citral lumen, ruminate by irregu- lar transversal folds. ■: Josephstanl I MA area, along trail to Morasapa Wof ion Camp 1 ('Kumamde K-i n ,1m- n , •• - «r ill, n-st, near GPS coordinates 9504560 37 E, 160 m, 30 Jul L tr e & A. Now weoided on the mormon ode 3 oi t hi t ■■ mahlawh I he jostg d istoo collec Won is smoke to (;. Flowers of Annonaceae: morphology, classification, and evolu- tion.

The gross equivalence in habit and leaf form is seemingly sufficient for combining these taxa under one concept.

The Maian 'maberu' is similarly applied to Cleistanthus

pi L -_tive of developing a Ethnobotanical polling was com kit tori separably by survey biologists J. Gorrez,through group int M i i- i Nitni and uses of specific plants were recorded,with spec taxa.

All vouchers were field-pressed in 70% surgic T i 1 i I I iumh I transported to the PNG Forest Research Institute (PNGFRI) for processing and determination.

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