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Most expensive, a German cylindrical slide rule in its original wooden case sold for 3.54. Keywords: Germany, auction, Buro-Antik, auction catalog, prices Jos-index-v0-n0-1991-item8-page14Title: Information Author: Anon Summary: List of scientific instrument (including slide rules) dealers.Source for free copy of IBM booklet on a 300 year chronology of calculating tools.Keywords: Wanted, For Sale, Service, Nystrom, Pickett, WW2 Los Alamos slide rules Top jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item1-page1Title: The Journal of the Oughtred Society Author: Editor Summary: Comments on the launching of the Journal of the Oughtred Society Keywords: Journal of the Oughtred Society jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item2-page1Title: The June 1992 Meeting Author: Editor Summary: Comments on the annual meeting of the Oughtred Society Keywords: Meeting of the Oughtred Society jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item3-page1Title: Reprinting Cajori Author: Editor Summary: Discussion on the value of reprinting "A History of the Logarithmic Slide Rule and Allied Instruments" by Florian Cajori Keywords: Cajori F. S., Richardson G W, Strohm R T, K&E, Dietzgen, Lawrence Engineering, gauge points, Richardson Adding & Subtracting (1812), Richardson Polymetric (1776), Richardson Logometric (1860-LL), Richardson Binary Polymetric 1865-0, International Correspondence Schools jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item7-page14Title: The Gilson Slide Rule Company. E., K&E 4080-3, K&E 4081-3, K&E 4083-3, K&E 4090-3, K&E 4091-3, K&E 4092, K&E 4093-3, K&E 4093-5, K&E 4110), Log log duplex vector.jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item4-page2Title: Wanted: Slide Rule Articles Author: Editor Summary: Outline of some possible topics for submission to the Journal of the Oughtred Society for publication Keywords: slide rule topics jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item5-page5Title: Pickett Metal Slide Rules. Summary: History of Pickett metal slide rules, chronology, styles, cursors. Author: Aldinger, Henry Summary: History, location, and drawings of the Gilson Company Keywords: Gilson R., Gilson C., Atlas, circular slide rule, Richardson, midgets, Deitzgen, Bruning, Compass, Optical, Dietrich-Post, Lietz A/, Post F., Travella jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item8-page16Title: Small Wonder. Summary: Describes, with photos, the operation of Small Pocket Calculator made by Small, Small & Company. jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item11-page24Title: "Buro-Antik" Auction in Koln, November 1991. Summary: Description of slide rules sold and prices received, November 2, 1991.

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Author: Aldinger, Henry Summary: Describes the Gilson Midget slide rule, with photos. jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item7-page15Title: The Hart Equationor. Author: Schure, Conrad Summary: Describes the use of this "Equationor or universal calculator" made by the Equationor Company, with photo.

Keywords: Mannheim A, Mannheim slide rule, four sided rule, foot rule, Mack slide rule, Givan D., Mack D., Dennert & Pape, Nestler A., Nestler slide rule, Stahl W, Bachmann H, Faber A W, Faber slide rule, Faber-Castell slide rule, Remers K., Nachf J. S., Soellner slide rule, Aristo slide rule, Reiss A. C., Tegymayer H., Aristo-Werke, Dennert & Pape, Nelting R., Nelting slide rule, Gerwin F., Gerwin slide rule, Seehase H., Welsch G., Rothenfluh A., Seehase H, Seehase slide rule, Schwanda J, Schwanda slide rule, Daemen-Schmidt H, Daemen-Schmidt slide rule, Cartier R., Cartier slide rule, Goldstaub H. Keywords: Hemmi, Keuffel & Esser, Hemmi, Oughtred, Mannheim A., Hemmi Hirota J. Photographs are included Keywords: K&E Braille slide rule, jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item10-page21Title: The K&E Document Author: Keuffel & Esser pamphlet on Thacher; comments by Otnes, Bob Summary: The history of Edwin Thacher's Calculating Instrument from a K&E handout is reprinted and critiqued.

H., Goldstaub slide rule, Carter slide rule, LOGA, German patents jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item10-page34Title: Chronology of Japanese Hemmi Slide Rules. R., Kondou T, Hemmi Jorou and Company, Hemmi Seisakusho, Sun, Universal, models 120 152, 153, 165, 200, 253, 260, P261, P263,266, 269, 275, 279, 2664, 2664S, Ultra Accuracy, Accurate Stadia, MIGHT, Astronavigatation, Percentage, Calorie, Navigation, Transmission, Communication Engineering, Artillery, Height Adjustment, Bamboo duplex. Summary: The mechanics of collecting slide rules, including the tools necessary for cleaning and servicing Keywords: Cleaning, tools. Keuffel Author: New York Times, page 29, column 4, May 6, 1952 Summary: Obituary of W. Keywords: Thacher E., Thacher's Calculating Instrument jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item11-page26Title: The Rare K&E 4110, An "Improved" Mannheim Rule Author: Price, Osborne I Summary: The K&E 4110 is described Keywords: K&E 4110, Improved Mannheim, jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item12-page28Title: The Conrad Schure Collection Author: Schure, Conrad Summary: Described are the Thacher's Slide Rule, a military slide rule, the K&E Fraction Adder, the clam-shell cursor and the family of Cox patent duplex slide rules, with accompanying photographs.

Williams) Summary: A translation of a 1925 German book, Die Rechenmashinen and now available as Volume 16 in the Charles Babbage Institute Reprint Series for the History of Computing and available from MIT Press Keywords: Martin E., calculating machines, jos-index-v1-n1-1992-item14-page44Title: Information. Summary: Excerpt from book "The First Quarter of my Life" published 1936, which describes the Author's early years. 2): Cleaning and Servicing K&E Slide Rules Author: Shepherd, Rodger Summary: Describes how to clean and restore K&E Slide Rules.

Author: Editor Summary: Description of the rules used by the British Inland Revenue Service to determine volume of alcohol containers and how purpose-built slide rules were used to determine the volumes for tax purposes. Keywords: cleaning slide rules, K&E, Softscrub jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item15-page40Title: The Runner Author: Larson, Mel Summary: A short discussion on the slide rule runner, indicator or cursor and the different types employed over the years. Keywords: framed glass runner, cylindrical sleeve frame with glass, frameless glass runner, light framed glass runner, light plastic runner, all plastic runners, jos-index-v2-n1-1993-item16-page47Title: Runner, Indicator, or Cursor?

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