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Neighborhood: Norwood Park Paulina immigrated to the States when she was 11 and has lived on the Northwest Side since.Her pops works in construction and her brother owns an auto garage where her cousins hang out all day, even though it never actually looks like anyone is fixing anything.She asks you about your favorite restaurants and you struggle to keep up with the conversation.After dinner, you suggest beers at a nearby dive but she takes you to an upscale lounge instead.The inevitable breakup: Her jam-packed schedule takes a toll on your relationship, and it all boils over when you don’t properly mix the audio while recording an episode of her new podcast.

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She works as a waitress, and plays solo shows and open mics around town on her off nights.You’re not exactly sure what she does for a living, but supposedly it’s marketing and she enjoys a lot of perks.Your first date: You meet at a Cuban joint and eat oxtail stew.From the highest of high maintenance to borderline trainwrecks, these are the 11 types of single women you’ll come across. You’re attracted to her in a bird-sees-bright-plumage kind of way. She works late, runs in the morning, and many times talks about ROI, but you do get to spend entire weekends at her amazing apartment.Neighborhood: River North Jess works as an event planner, lives in a new condo, and always looks Instagram-worthy. She doesn’t really like bottle service that much, but her friends get it all the time, so why not? She’s been at her company for 18 months and is thinking about jumping ship to another startup. Your first date: Jo meets you for a cocktail at Japonais right after she finishes up work at 8pm.

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